I’ve been natural since 2003. I’ve done two big-chops, I fell off the wagon and into the creamy crack for a few months and transitioned out. There are many phases and situations that you will face if you’re a beginner. I hope to provide you with useful information along the way to make the transition easier and help you fall in love with your natural hair. I won’t lie to you, there will be some rough days, but there’s always an answer if you don’t mind asking the question. I went natural without all of the trendy terminology and jargon so pardon me if I don’t always classify curls (which you’ll find isn’t as helpful as intended). Co-washing and pre-poo aren’t words that you’ll find here often. I attended professional hair school and worked in the industry and I intend to tell you what I know to be true through experience in my own hair as well as those who have sought my assistance along the journey. Beyond the tips and tricks I have started a new series called “Nappy Out Loud”. This is a collection of stories surrounding self-assurance in having natural hair in a world that still doesn’t understand what that means. These stories are meant to entertain and empower and they can be found in the Journey category.

COMMENT OFTEN & CHALLENGE MY FINDINGS! That’s the only way that we can grow in knowledge. Think . Enjoy!


~Margaret Ellen


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