It’s been a long time.

Just giving an update.

Everything is going just fine. I’m 3 years into the re-start of my loc journey and the hang-time is real. I’m also 6 months postpartum and Operation “Protect Your Edges At All Times” is in full effect. Whether the threat is an impromptu nap, the grabbing hands of a 6-month-old baby the size of a 1-year-old or the stress of the mommytail up-do… it’s not easy. I’ve had to revisit the site myself to get my spray bottle recipes, and to take a look at my last loc journey ending and encouragement for my edges.

I’ve restarted my channel on YouTube and I’m talking about my life and sharing thoughts on matters of the world, but I want to know if you want some videos on my hair journey as well. If you subscribe and  leave a comment on the channel and I’ll get started (That also means I’ll post links to the videos here).

I also see that there’s a brand using my name and I want you to be very clear, that their hair product is NOT my hair product. My results were achieved with the information that I’ve left here and I don’t know anything about what they offer outside of the nameI told you a while ago that I’d leave the site here so that you can access all my tips from the past, and I plan to keep my word.


Since I’ve been gone…(Hair gallery Update)

I have not taken this site down because I want this to serve as a standing resource for any hair questions that I encounter along my journey.

I have restarted my locs, working on building a family and in doing so my focus has shifted away from hair and more to surviving and thriving as a black woman in America. I am still available if you have hair questions but come visit me at if you want to see my latest passion project.


Here’s where I am on my hair journey:

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Ooh My Trip, Travel Log & Update (VIDEO)

We here at had one helluva (I love that version of the sentiment) anniversary celebration and thought that you should share in the joy that you’ve helped create.

This is a new phase of the blog,  the intent is to bring you much more content via videos and some interactive posts. Nothing can fully capture how appreciative we are for his long you continue to trust your lovely curls and kinks to the advice given on this page.  Enjoy the video and subscribe to the new YouTube channel!