What’s The Deal with Shea Butter?

Vitellaria paradoxa (shea tree, karité), easte...
Vitellaria paradoxa (shea tree, karité), eastern Burkina Faso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone tells you to use Shea Butter… Why?

Vitamins A, E and F are present in shea butter. A and E help nourish the scalp, while the fatty acids found in F both protect and revitalize the hair. This product protects against split ends, weather damage and keeps the hair shiny and smooth.

Raw Shea is best for your hair, however I suggest a whipped version that uses olive or grape seed oil as a carrier to thin out the paste. In certain styling situations, un-whipped Shea may cause difficulty in achieving certain looks. Breaking up the paste allow you to not only stretch the product, but the consistency is a bit more manageable in my experience.

There are many products that boast intense moisture, but Shea is top of the list in overall benefits. Don’t forget, the fact that you are avoiding chemicals like parabens, methylparabens, EDTA and a host of other additives found in many over the counter products you are creating the optimal enviornment for growth without excessive breakage….or alleged cancer causing agents.

There are many products that contain a host of inorganic additives, read the labels and do a quick Google search on anything that seems out-of-place. Most of this journey is about discovery so ask questions when things stop making sense.


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