The Dangers of Hair Straighteners, Pt. 2 | The Dr. Oz Show I usually shy away from the Dogma of Relaxer Shaming but Dr.Oz gives the REAL of what these chemicals are doing to any of us that choose to use them.  Watch and learn. Notice the layers of protection he puts on before engaging with the chemical…. is it worth it? The choice is yours.

More Unity in the Natural Hair Community (Cross-Promo)

  As you all are aware I am a member of the Natural Hair Blog Directory, a place where many bloggers like myself can first of all be found by all of you lovely people and secondly find one another and share knowledge. There are so many of us and we all have such unique experiencesContinue reading “More Unity in the Natural Hair Community (Cross-Promo)”

Promoting Unity in the Natural Hair Community (Video)

Naptural85 posted a YouTube video to start out the year that I thought falls completely in line with the mission of this blog. No need in repeating something that’s been stated so eloquently.  Hope this helps you on your journey to falling in love with your natural curls and kinks!

Life on the other side of my loc attempt

I have been having the time of my life since I took my locs down. There are days that I miss being able to just wake up and go, but not many. Locs are beautiful, on everybody else but me. 🙂   I’m posting some pictures of the fun I’ve been having since taking myContinue reading “Life on the other side of my loc attempt”

Live Styles… Where to Follow

WE DON’T ALWAYS POST… BUT WHEN WE DO, THIS IS WHERE IT HAPPENS. I’ve attached my Instagram below so you can keep up with each style change. I use the quick vids to gauge what styles need a tutorial. If you like it I’ll make a longer video. There are two styles up as ofContinue reading “Live Styles… Where to Follow”

8-year-old bullied because she wore weave to school

This is why it’s crucial for us to first of all teach our children tolerance and non-violence, secondly how to fall in love with whatever we are born with. Nobody had the right to touch this little girl, nobody had the right to bully her either, however someone should have been available to step inContinue reading “8-year-old bullied because she wore weave to school”