The Dangers of Hair Straighteners, Pt. 2 | The Dr. Oz Show

I usually shy away from the Dogma of Relaxer Shaming but Dr.Oz gives the REAL of what these chemicals are doing to any of us that choose to use them.  Watch and learn. Notice the layers of protection he puts on before engaging with the chemical…. is it worth it?

The choice is yours.


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3 thoughts on “The Dangers of Hair Straighteners, Pt. 2 | The Dr. Oz Show

  1. Agreed. Not worth it. What he demonstrated in that video most certainly happened to my scalp and it started to bleed. Hence, why I stopped relaxing–I’d like to have a scalp without holes! lol

    1. I agree! I shared my story here a while back. My scalp was nearly ruined from that effect. I’m glad I still have hair and I’ll never do that to myself again. LOL

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