Keep Your Hair!

I do not promote our condone tight styling and never will. As you take this journey with me you will find out everything that your hair can do.

One of the most beautiful  features of naturally curly and kinky hair is the fact that it will conform into eclectic and fascinating shapes without the need for excessive products or pulling. 

I believe part of the issues that we face as a community is the myth that or hair must be wrangled and mangled to get the desired look.  It’s a lie! No matter the specific hair typing if your hair is curly the pattern itself will maintain your twist or braid.

Here’s the myth we tell ourselves.
“This style is tight but I don’t do this often so I shouldn’t lose any hair. ”

The truth:
We have become accustomed to damaging techniques and we associate quality with how many Advil we have to pop. 

Hair moves in its natural loose state and it should move when in twists or braids. (Unless it’s pinned up) If you can’t move your hair, that’s a problem.

Healthy hair/ Good hair, is hair that’s still on your head. If either length or fullness is your goal, you will have a hard time getting there yanking on it. Trust me.



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I write. From tips & tricks on natural hair, to rants about the social political state of the world around us. The full spectrum of all things that you can imagine in between. Don't worry, I keep it all separate.

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