Have you taken the Quiz?

We are all in absolute LOVE with Jane Carter Hair Care Solutions. So much so, that this plug is brought to you out of pure satisfaction with the product line and we are in no way being paid.

English: A new Target located in Miami
English: A new Target located in Miami (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


To be honest, we hadn’t really spent much time on their website as we’ve been going freestyle in the trenches, taking trips to Target and falling in love without really having a method. But, prior to crafting this blog post we took a trip to see if there’s something that we’re missing… AND THERE WAS.

Jane Carter has a hair quiz that will match you up with the perfect products for your hair. Just like us, she does not waste much time getting into the 3c, 2b conversation, she provides pictures to help you determine what hair type is most like yours. We suggest our early stage readers take the quiz and fall in love as well.



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